These Are The Times That Try Men’s Souls

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Most of you reading this now are probably like the bulk of the world, stuck in your homes amid the most pervasive pandemic of our lifetimes. I’ve watched a ton of television (finally catching up on Cheers, and Ken Burns’ Baseball is free to stream) and trying to make the most of a strange and difficult situation. In between that, I’ve been working long hours at a biopharmaceutical company, doing my part as an essential worker to generate more testing kits for the novel coronavirus. It is hard to believe that it has only been two months and change since I last wrote something, as it has felt like years since the baseball season, and other sports leagues, were shut down in response to the health scare.

In the intervening weeks, as the virus spread around the globe and everyone kept arguing about how best to deal with it, I have moved my family to our own space and basically isolated ourselves from the outside world except to get groceries (and some furniture too, can’t just keep sleeping on the floor you know). It has not been ideal for us, but we are fortunate in that I have an essential function in society that continues to give me income while my wife has been able to receive catastrophe pay from her work. We have done our part to try to buoy local businesses by ordering food every now and then (the pick up and delivery logistics got a bit interesting, but rest assured that everyone is still safe and healthy), and once we are more settled into our new place, we are looking into the right charities to support less fortunate folks during the crisis. I live in a pretty affluent area now, but the folks who deliver our food and supplies are tipped as well as we can afford because we know how much their employers can skimp on salary. I would recommend that those of you who are still in Chicago donate to Cubs players’ charities like Anthony Rizzo’s foundation or Kyle Schwarber’s efforts for emergency response workers. And there’s always your local food banks, who will take your money and use it efficiently to serve as many needy folks as possible.

I’d like to revive our podcast at some point, and it wouldn’t be something that we could really profit off of, just something fun to do, so if you want to play along, let us know. In the meantime, many sports sites, including your favorite baseball blogs, are falling on hard times as everything is in suspension, so just click through and turn off your ad blockers if you can. I doubt we will see any sports come back this year because of how rampant the spread of the disease seems, but until we meet again at the ball park or on social media during live games, please stay safe and healthy by staying home and distancing yourselves from others. It may suck, but it could save your life.

Take care of yourselves and your loved ones. We’ll still have the internet, and thankfully at least this isn’t a zombie apocalypse.

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