The 2020 MLB Season*

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I sometimes lament not having the bandwidth to do the kind (or rather, the volume) of blogging that other sites are able to produce. Having a demanding full-time job, while also tending to the needs of a family (important work, mind you) during a pandemic that more people should be taking seriously does take away from the time needed to produce random fun content, but those tasks are a bit more important than sports.

However, even through these strange and uncertain times, baseball has found a way to go on over in Asia, and will soon commence over here in the USA. Anthony Rizzo seems to be ready for Opening Day (knock on wood), and the injured but recovering Jose Quintana should be back sometime in the middle of this truncated season. We will find out in short order who gets to play on Opening Day….

Thankfully, the Cubs get to play at their own home at Wrigley Field, and have one of the shortest travel schedules this season. The poor Toronto Blue Jays are forbidden from playing regular season games in Canada, and now they can’t even play in Pennsylvania because the respective officials have decided (and I might stress, wisely) that would present a danger to public health in the midst of a pandemic that the Americans have shown little ability to handle.

Aside from the obvious concerns about player health and performance given a short ramp up after a long lag, the continuing threat of coronavirus makes it difficult to predict whether they can even complete the season. It seems testing has sporadic delays, and there may be gaps between asymptomatic players working out or competing before the potentially test positive, so this certainly isn’t airtight. The best we can hope for is that the players and staff continue to do their part to minimize spread, as should we all.

Since baseball is hell bent on moving forward, let’s just enjoy this as long as we can while hoping that the Cubs can ride one of those 60-game hot stretches to another championship, asterisks be damned.

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