An Unexpected Long Weekend

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It didn’t seem like that long since the first major outbreak in MLB with the Marlins losing literally half their squad to COVID-19. Just a few days later, the Cardinals reported a few positives of their own…and it got worse from there as their games have been postponed since July 29, including their series this weekend against the Cubs:

MLB earlier said Friday’s game had been postponed, allowing for additional testing and contact tracing. The league announced later that Saturday’s and Sunday’s games had also been postponed.

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The Cardinals have not played since July 29 because of positive coronavirus tests. The team previously announced that it had returned 13 positive tests from its traveling party, with seven of them coming from players.

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We’ve seen these before as the Marlins and Cardinals had their series postponed due to their respective coronavirus outbreaks, but this is the first time I’ve seen this graphic associated with the Cubs:
Weird, ain’t it?

I suppose it is a small comfort that the Cubs will gain some ground in the division even during their time off as the Reds are routing the Brewers at the moment. It’s an even greater comfort to know that the Cubs are one of the model franchises that have avoided any outbreaks and not even a hint of a positive test since the intake. As we discussed in our recent Dreamcast, the pandemic hasn’t disappeared just because we’re bored, and it is because the Cubs have taken this seriously that they’ve avoided what befell the Marlins and the Cardinals.

Here’s hoping that the Cubs don’t accumulate too much rust as they wait to play Cleveland on Tuesday. Based on this season so far, they’ll be doing everything they need to in order to stay healthy and safe until next game time.

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