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We’re about a week out of the Cubs getting their first series against the Cardinals postponed as half of the St. Louis clubhouse (literally!) tested positive for COVID-19.

And we just found out how at least two of the clubs, who weren’t able to play the Cardinals because of what they (allegedly or otherwise) did to get exposed to the virus in the first place, will be summarily punished:

I lost track of which other teams the Cardinals couldn’t play during their in-team outbreak (I think it’s the Tigers and the Pirates), but this seems like an unfair burden on the teams that were doing what they needed to do to stay healthy and safe, even if it does also stress the Cardinals. Yeah, they haven’t played a game in a couple weeks and probably have a ton of rust and won’t be as game-ready as most other teams. But now the Cubs will have to figure out how to stretch a bullpen across multiple 7-inning doubleheaders in a short span of time. Hardly seems fair, does it?

It’s kind of strange that the Marlins basically quarantined their sick players and brought up their junior varsity squad from the alternate site right away and only missed a few games, but the Cardinals didn’t. Wonder what the difference was?

Anyway, the Cubs will need some length out of their starters, and hopefully every game in the doubleheaders are blowouts so someone like Craig Kimbrel can get their work in during garbage time.

UPDATE 8/14:

Official now…


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