Let’s Just Say This Was a Turning Point

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The Chicago Cubs had themselves a very interesting series win against division rival Milwaukee, and the final game between the two teams this season did not disappoint...if you’re a Cubs fan, that is:

At this point, the Cubs have 12 games remaining with a 28-20 record. That gives them a bit of a cushion going into Monday’s off day, and depending on how badly the Cardinals and Brewers beat up on each other, could net them up to a five game lead before the Cubs take on Cleveland. Here’s the remaining schedule from before:

  • 2x at home against Cleveland (flanked by their final two off days)
  • 3x at home against Minnesota
  • 4x in Pittsburgh
  • 3x on the South Side vs the White Sox

It’s probably impossible to catch the Dodgers for the top seed in the National League, they’re within half a game of Atlanta, so they can sneak up to the second seed if the NL East leaders slip. Then we just have to hope that the Cubs remember how to hit like they did on Sunday to take advantage of the only true “home” series they will have in the postseason before heading to the postseason bubble (plan pending).

And yes, while we have seen the improvements from the pitching (all those quality starts in a row certainly are encouraging!), the offense has reverted back to the inconsistent broken mess we have dealt with since almost right after 2016 (you remember that, right?). It was of course very refreshing to see the Cubs rally against Josh Hader, and then hang 12 on the Brewers to take the series along with Alec Mills tossing a very unexpected no-hitter.

With five more games at Wrigley and seven on the road to close out the season (although three of those seven will be at the White Sox so the Cubs can sleep in their own beds going into the postseason), the North Siders maintain control of their own destiny. If the pitching holds, if the bullpen is deployed appropriately with the performances we have gotten to trust, and if the offense can figure out how to string good at-bats together to put more crooked numbers on the board, then we might be fine in expecting a good run through October. The odds are in the Cubs’ favor to make it to the postseason, and also to win the division, but there are still two weeks’ full of games to go before we get there.

For now, the Cubs have banked enough games to have their cushion in the division, and can sit back and let their division rivals beat up on each other. The Cubs have earned a rest, and the right to celebrate their on-field successes.



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