An Industrial Sized Chill Pill

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Boy, you think the Cubs had turned a corner, and then suddenly they drop a key series to the literal worst team in MLB. Naturally it is easy to think that if this were an actual 162 game season without a pandemic lurking, this set of Cubs would be blown up or upgraded, depending on whether they could actually bank all those wins at the beginning. Given the perspective of rampant chaos both on and off the field, however, let’s explore this question posed by Patrick Mooney of the Athletic:

If we consider that the Cubs are already in the postseason, then there’s not much more they can do to truly collapse, even though losing the division to the Cardinals would kind of suck given the COVID-related shenanigans of re-scheduling. I guess you could say that 2018 and 2019 were collapses, with the Cubs relegated to the Wild Card game in the former and missing the postseason altogether in the latter. Then, you have all the offensive woes that have plagued this team ever since they won the World Series (yeah, don’t forget that).

If I were being truly honest, I would have to say that I was disappointed that the Cubs couldn’t do more with the talent they should have. But from a macro standpoint, I am very pleased with the fact that this group of guys have entertained us for six-ish seasons, and we may see a bounceback next season (should there be a normal one, who the hell knows anymore). Five playoff appearances in six seasons, with a World Series championship in one of the harder sports to sustain success in…that seems like a great accomplishment, even if we know it could have been better. So I think I’m okay, especially in a year where we have so much more to worry about, and we are so lucky to have baseball as a distraction.

It is also important to note that the vast majority of MLB players have stayed safe and healthy throughout the season in their quasi-bubbles as they get ready for the postseason bubble. For the Cubs, especially, while they could be beating themselves up over how much they’ve sucked lately, they seem to be having the right attitude…

Javy is right that the Cubs, as of this writing, remain in first place. Of course, they should try to win at least one (if not all) of the games against the White Sox this weekend, but I guess we’ll get there when we get there. Either way, the Cubs will play in October. We just don’t know yet if they’ll start out at Wrigley Field. But who knows, maybe a change of venue and getting to bat first an extra time will jump start something.

I’m just grateful that we still have baseball to watch, so I intend to enjoy myself…and besides, if they start sucking during the game, I can always switch to another game and/or sport. Yay choices!

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