Why I am a CUB FAN for Life?


Editor’s note: the following was penned by a long-time Cubs fan who will hopefully have more stories to share with us here at World Series Dreaming.  A warm welcome to another eternal dreamer as we wait for that inevitable championship Continue reading

Catching up with the Cubs


I suppose I should apologize for the lack of activity on our blog lately.  You know how we don’t actually get paid for this and how our real lives get in the way, but for my job, if you know Continue reading

The Odd Stories That Could Only Happen to the Cubs: Wrigley Field


As our series on those supposed “Cubbie Curses” that have prevented the Chicago Cubs from winning the World Series all these years continues, one of the stops has to be Wrigley Field. After all, the Cubs have not won a Continue reading

Win 55 and the drive towards mediocrity


The Chicago Cubs just won their 55th game of the 2013 season, which doesn’t sound all that great, except for the part where it took them until September 10 to get win #55 last season.  Starlin Castro broke up the Continue reading

The Odd Stories That Could Only Happen to the Cubs: Charles Murphy

Charles Muprhy

In preparation for this series on the supposed curses that have haunted the Chicago Cubs, I have done a lot of research on Cubs history and heard a lot of interesting stories. This weeks edition comes because of a tip Continue reading

The trials of The Castro


I’m alone now. The journey began with a host of followers in the wake of a destructive and irresponsible wave that swept through the north side of Chicago like biblical pillars of fire and brimstone. When the wave had crested Continue reading

Saturday Cubs thoughts


Today I hung out with the family at IKEA (yay cheap furniture!) so I missed most of the Cubs game, in which they pretty much sucked and couldn’t score runs (again).  There was a moment on the way home when Continue reading

The Odd Stories That Could Only Happen to the Cubs: Harry Pulliam


Our journey through the odd history of the Chicago Cubs begins in the year 1908, the very year they last won the World Series. On September 23 of 1908 the Pittsburgh Pirates, New York Giants and the Cubs were in Continue reading

The Odd Stories That Could Only Happen to the Cubs: Introduction


George Santayana famously said “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”. For the fans of the Chicago Cubs though, the past is not something they are usually too keen to look back on. After all, after Continue reading

Baseball Fans are Funnny

World Series Dreaming

The following is not based on any statistical or measurable date that has been collected, but rather a collection of observational reactions from Twitter, FaceBook and Sports Talk Radio. I love my fellow baseball fans, as well as sports fans Continue reading