For Monday’s Off Day Fun, a Hypothetical


If you have been following our FaceBook page at all, you would know that we really hate off days. We hate them so much, that we tend to post random questions to start discussions with our faithful fans over at Continue reading

Where there’s a will, there’s a Cubs Way

Most triumphant!

I am not a professional writer.  I think I’m more of an amateur rambler.  So this is going to be a ramble of sorts.  I think I’m much better at writing science-y stuff where I have an experiment (or a Continue reading

April slumps and May not-so-slumps


Today is officially June, which means we can now look back at all of April and May because everyone loves arbitrary endpoints.  As of May 31, the 2013 Cubs have scored 221 runs while giving up only 210.  They should Continue reading

Cubs recaps: The battle for a useless trophy


Foreward: I hate Cubs v. White Sox. I grew up on the southwest side of the city as a White Sox fan before converting after a baseball hiatus in 1998. Since interleague play began this series has been a lightning Continue reading

The Wrigley Rooftop Saga: The Mock-Ups


Yesterday, before the rains fell and the potential Cubs victory was washed away, the Ricketts family hired a bunch of cranes and erected a couple of mock signs to survey how much of the rooftop views would be obstructed.  The Continue reading

What I Am Seeing So Far In 2013


It has been a little while since I last wrote something about our beloved Cubbies.  However, my school year is over and things are settling down a bit which offers me more time to do other things. One thing I Continue reading

Late night swooning for Jeff Samardzija


The video below speaks for itself: Jeff Samardzija didn’t bat for himself (the White Sox use the designated hitter, which is a story for another day) but still pretty much won the game for the Cubs with a complete game, Continue reading

Steel Cage Deathmatch: Garza vs. Cueto!


The Cubs happened to win today’s game, despite a short outing by Matt Garza, and snap a long losing skid.  There was a small incident within the game that should’ve remained insignificant but didn’t for whatever reason.  In the sixth Continue reading

Cubs MLB Draft Preview 2013


While the Cubs slog through the 2013 regular season, we continue to look towards the future.  Think about it rationally for a bit…even if they are going to come out of this funk and perform better than their record has Continue reading

A Record Held By a Chicago Cub is Being Threatened


Even though I never saw him play a game, Lewis Robert “Hack” Wilson has always been one of my favorite guys in Chicago Cubs history, and in general baseball. Not only was he a baseball player who was my size, Continue reading