I’ve Got Your Number On the Wall

(Charles Rex Arbogast, AP)

Watching some football right now, and here’s Chris Kamka doing his thing as usual:   The #Cubs have never employed a lineup that starts with 8675309 (with 0 as DH). The closest might be Mike Quade‘s 6/20/11 lineup (9675302) — Continue reading

Ricketts’ Wrecking Ball


I admit that this is a bit of a stretch. Wait, no it’s not. Tom Ricketts and the Chicago Cubs are literally tearing Wrigley Field apart and while they’re not using real wrecking balls (they do have to protect the Continue reading

Something About John Baker

Hallelujah, all praise BABIP, baseball god of fluke hits!

At one point tonight, someone asked about John Baker‘s pitching WAR, which was obviously very tongue-in-cheek.  Baker, of course, was the emergency pitcher in a memorable extra-innings game that would not end, and he also happened to be the game-winning Continue reading

Blast From the Past: Random Videos

Fall out

Earlier today, still battling a persistent cough that I’ve had ever since I caught a cold a couple weeks ago, I participated in a spirit week event for my school where I had to play softball with fellow faculty against Continue reading

Fun with Twitter


Anthony Rizzo returned to the lineup for the first time in eons and was an immediate impact.  He had his troubles, striking out twice, but did get an infield single before we headed to the ninth.   What if Villareal Continue reading

It’s real…and it’s spectacular


As you know, our World Series Dreaming store now has a section devoted to the Theo Love Mug.  Hell, you can even get a Theo Ep-Stein now!  Apparently this design is kosher and we’ve already sold a couple that went Continue reading

Rookie Dress-Up Day


The Cubs just got swept by the Pirates (oh well) and are on their way to Toronto to play the Blue Jays starting Monday night.  It seems that this is the traditional rookie hazing day where the rookie call-ups have Continue reading

The Theo Love Mug


Okay guys, it’s story time. So at some point, the inimitable And Counting wrote a blog on Obstructed View.  Within that blog’s comments section, a commenter posted a picture of Theo that looked like this and asked that it be Continue reading

The March to the Top Begins Today


In a few years, when the Chicago Cubs win the World Series (yes, I said when), we will look back to today as the day when things finally started coming together. Today is the day that the Cubs took that Continue reading

Top Ten List: Organ Intros For Rick Renteria’s Manager Moonwalk


I kept thinking about this last night as challenge after challenge and review after review continued to slow down the pace of the game, which the Cubs did win but could have won sooner.  You know of which I speak…there’s Continue reading