The Inaugural 2015 Cubs Season Maddonisms

maddon intro

We got a taste of Joe Maddon‘s quotables when he sat for his introductory press conference back in November, and fans got to check it out first hand at the latest Cubs Convention last month.  Now that pitchers and catchers Continue reading

The Year of the Goat


I’m sure by now you all realize that we are celebrating the Chinese New Year today, which runs on a lunar calendar and not a Gregorian calendar.  You probably also know that in the Chinese Zodiac, instead of going monthly, the Continue reading

Lettered Jerseys


In case you were out and about, let’s bring you up to speed on the behemoth of a sports franchise that is the New York Yankees.  I get Jorge Posada because he was a damned good catcher for a very Continue reading

Universally beloved and embraced…oh WAIT


Today is Presidents’ Day, so I hope you guys enjoyed the half-assed history lesson I posted earlier.  We’re getting close to the point where another sitting President will have to host the Chicago Cubs at the White House after a Continue reading

The Presidents Blog


Today is Presidents’ Day.  Once upon a time when I was a wee lad, Presidents’ Day was two holidays: one for Abraham Lincoln, and the other for George Washington.  Alas, they were rolled into one because I guess employers didn’t Continue reading

Go away football, it’s time to get excited for baseball


Today, as the blizzard slaps the Midwest and Chicago area schools getting closed to give us our de facto Monday holiday to recover from hangover, the Super Bowl marked the end of football season.  The New England Patriots won because Continue reading

The Pied Piper of Wrigley


Between the delays in construction and the rooftops trying to sue the city AND the Chicago Cubs at the same time, our favorite team can’t really afford any more bad press (not that it seems like they care, this has Continue reading

We have a new Commissioner in MLB!


Today is January 25, and as such, the long (and mostly successful) reign of former Commissioner Bud Selig is over.  He is succeeded by Rob Manfred, who released this statement, which include these excerpts: My top priority is to bring Continue reading

If the Cubs went full SkyMall…


It’s an ungodly hour and before I crash and burn I needed to get this out of my system. On Friday, it was announced that SkyMall, the company that runs the in-flight magazine/catalog full of ridiculous overpriced useless items that Continue reading

Let Ichiro Pitch!


The news just came in that perennial All-Star and should-be Hall of Famer Ichiro Suzuki is set to join the Miami Marlins:   Source: #Marlins indeed closing in on Ichiro, as @craigmish reported. Deal expected to be one year in Continue reading