Establishing Ground Rules For Homer Trots (or some BS)


Hey guys, remember last night when Starlin Castro gave the Chicago Cubs an insurance run by blasting a no-doubt homer?  Yeah, that was cool. Unfortunately, some fans didn’t think it was cool.  In fact, some rival broadcasters apparently took time Continue reading

Tradition is Just Stuff You’re Used To

Photo by Nick Ulivieri

I was used to Wrigley Field not having video replay boards. I was used to a game schedule with many more day games than night games. I was used to the fact that the National League doesn’t have a designated Continue reading

Keeping Things In Perspective On A Day Off

Still got it!

(AP Photo/David Banks)

Anno wrote about the standings Saturday morning before heading to the ballpark to see yet another victory.  The winning streak stopped at six as a combination of poor luck and bad umpiring didn’t allow the Chicago Cubs to score at Continue reading

A Mothers Day Smorgasbord of Cubs Silliness


At some point in tonight’s Cubs loss, I shut off the radio for the night and decided to call my grandmother in Hong Kong.  Since HK is on the other side of the International Date Line, they were already at Continue reading

The One Where Rice Cube Was Accidentally Psychic


So, uh… Set up: Dexter Fowler had just hit a liner in the gap, which should have scored Addison Russell easily, except that the ball got stuck in some padding or some bullshit. BOOOOOOOOOO what a shitty way to take Continue reading

Endurance, Resilience, and the Cubs


I was trying to decide whether or not to include an Oxford comma in the title.  I ultimately relented.  I am not usually a proponent of the Oxford comma, though I understand why people use it.  Maybe I’m just stubborn, Continue reading

Life & Baseball


Baseball is, at its core, a kid’s game.  Kids love to run around the bases, chase after the ball on defense, and try their best to hit the ball as hard as they can.  People watch MLB because it’s fun, Continue reading

I’m Gonna Go Out On a Limb and Say That Edwin Jackson Didn’t Deserve That Run


In coaching high school baseball, I emphasize a few things… If you put the ball in play, good things happen. It’s easy to give up on yourself and on your team when the chips are down, but seriously, that’s baseball.  Shit Continue reading

Imagining a World Where Darwin Barney is Still Useful

Photo: Getty Images

Boy, that designated hitter talk sure hit the fan, didn’t it?  While none of us have to like it (myself included), there is an air of inevitability to it, particularly with some guy named Dan Vogelbach smashing baseballs down in Continue reading

If we are overreacting over small samples, the Cubs are on pace for 91 wins


The Chicago Cubs are now 9-7, having just defeated the Cincinnati Reds in the series opener at the Great American Ballpark.  They were also wearing some weird-looking throwback uniforms.  I mean, they look okay, but the piping and the wonky Continue reading