The 2017 Hall of Fame Ballot

From Dylan Heuer
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As we get closer to Thanksgiving, the National Baseball Hall of Fame has just announced the official 2017 BBWAA Hall of Fame ballot, with 34 players eligible for voting and potential enshrinement.  Similar to previous years, I think there are something like 12 players worthy of entry into the Hall Continue reading The 2017 Hall of Fame Ballot

Notes From the Commish

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It’s the All-Star Break, and since the cream of the crop of Major League Baseball (at least the ones who aren’t hurt, didn’t pitch on Sunday, and didn’t flake out) is converged on one location, that meant that the media could corner MLB Commisioner Rob Manfred and MLB Players Association Continue reading Notes From the Commish

The 2016 All-Stars

Via FOX Sports
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The Chicago Cubs have been leading in All-Star voting for weeks now, and some folks even tried to write in David Ross.  There are all kinds of opinions about how this exhibition game should not determine World Series home field advantage (an opinion shared by Ben Zobrist), or that certain Continue reading The 2016 All-Stars

Baseball Isn’t Dying, But Might Be Growing

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Given the rising salaries, the humongous TV deals, and this little fact after last night:   TV RATINGS: Over 334K Chicago mrkt homes (9.6 rtg at 9p) were watching Jake Arrieta's #Cubs no-hitter on @CSNChicago — Jeff Nuich (@JeffNuich) April 22, 2016 I guess we don’t have to worry Continue reading Baseball Isn’t Dying, But Might Be Growing

What’s your problem, Florida?

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Once upon a time, New York Mets outfielder and frequent exhibitor of fine automobiles, Yoenis Cespedes, bought a pig.  Unfortunately, apparently he didn’t get to keep the pig: Mets issue quasi-official statement on Yoenis Cespedes sending grand-champion hog to the butcher: "The animal… — Adam Rubin (@AdamRubinESPN) March 2, Continue reading What’s your problem, Florida?

So, about those greedy baseball players…

AP Photo
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They finally did release the Razzie “winners,” which are traditionally announced the night before the Oscar winners get their spotlight.  As expected, the “winners” were as bad as advertised, not that I watched any of the movies.  Except Fantastic Four, but I hate-watched it.  Grrr. There is yet another “winner” Continue reading So, about those greedy baseball players…

With Dexter Fowler signed, Chicago Cubs get a modest bump in their bonus pool

(AP Photo/David Zalubowski)
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Last time, on Cubs Trek, the Next Generation: According to BA’s account of the bonus pools, the Cubs only get $2,245,100 to spend in the Rule 4 draft, and $2,063,100 for international free agents.  This is a total of $4,308,200 to acquire talent to keep the pipeline flowing. Tonight, the Baltimore Orioles restructured Continue reading With Dexter Fowler signed, Chicago Cubs get a modest bump in their bonus pool

Questions Regarding the Designated Hitter

(AP Photo/Paul Beaty)
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Let’s start by revisiting my previous blog on this subject from last season, when I talked about how the National League style of play isn’t all that fun anymore: The pitcher DOES NOT HIT in most key situations after the fifth or sixth inning because the manager, the pitchers themselves, Continue reading Questions Regarding the Designated Hitter

Choose Baseball

BASES loaded
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One thing I’ve always been a proponent of is making baseball more attractive and accessible to everyone.  Whenever I announce baseball tryouts or conditioning drills at morning assembly, I always drop in a line about how baseball players are less likely to have their brains turned into chowder.  It riles Continue reading Choose Baseball

The 2016 Baseball Hall of Fame Inductees

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Guess it’s just two guys after all the hubbub this winter with the Hall of Fame voting: Ken Griffey Junior y Mike Piazza, únicos electos este año al Salón de la Fama de Cooperstown. — Enrique Rojas/ESPN (@Enrique_Rojas1) January 6, 2016 I like Enrique Rojas because he helped me learn Continue reading The 2016 Baseball Hall of Fame Inductees