Questions Regarding the Designated Hitter

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Let’s start by revisiting my previous blog on this subject from last season, when I talked about how the National League style of play isn’t all that fun anymore: The pitcher DOES NOT HIT in most key situations after the fifth or sixth inning because the manager, the pitchers themselves, Continue reading Questions Regarding the Designated Hitter

Choose Baseball

BASES loaded

One thing I’ve always been a proponent of is making baseball more attractive and accessible to everyone.  Whenever I announce baseball tryouts or conditioning drills at morning assembly, I always drop in a line about how baseball players are less likely to have their brains turned into chowder.  It riles Continue reading Choose Baseball

The 2016 Baseball Hall of Fame Inductees


Guess it’s just two guys after all the hubbub this winter with the Hall of Fame voting: Ken Griffey Junior y Mike Piazza, únicos electos este año al Salón de la Fama de Cooperstown. — Enrique Rojas/ESPN (@Enrique_Rojas1) January 6, 2016 I like Enrique Rojas because he helped me learn Continue reading The 2016 Baseball Hall of Fame Inductees

The Hall of Fame Voting Season


As we count down the days to Christmas, the Baseball Writers Association of America also have their own countdown since they have to turn in their Hall of Fame ballots by December 21.  We won’t actually find out who gets in until January 6th, after school is back in session, Continue reading The Hall of Fame Voting Season

Regarding the Opt-Outs and What They Mean to Attracting Elite Free Agents

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The Chicago Cubs have built a potential juggernaut of a team so far this offseason, and have also set themselves up well for the future.  It is a very exciting time to be a Cubs fan, and although there are no guarantees in baseball, it’s fun to see the brain Continue reading Regarding the Opt-Outs and What They Mean to Attracting Elite Free Agents

Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Today is a day to be thankful for what you have, and I could not be more thankful to have each and every one of you as a part of my Chicago Cubs family. You stuck with us through the lean years when the Cubs were tanking, Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving!

Something About Dusty Baker


Most of us know that Dusty Baker, former half-celebrated/half-maligned Cubs manager, has now been officially named the manager of the Washington Nationals. There is a fun thread on our Facebook page that you can follow for some interesting opinions on Dusty’s tenure with the Cubs…   And here…we…go. In Dusty Continue reading Something About Dusty Baker

The Offseason

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It’s not even a couple days into November, just the day after the World Series ended in most satisfying fashion for most of us Cubs fans, and already we are pining for baseball again.  If you check out the odds makers, depending on who you talk to, the Cubs are Continue reading The Offseason

The Art of the Slide


Seems like this has become a huge issue so far this season for the MLB. I feel like it has been more hurtful this year than many of the years before. Sliding into second to break up a double play has brought down a few players so far. I mean Continue reading The Art of the Slide

Sights and Sounds From the Final Day of the 2015 MLB Regular Season


Well folks, this is it.  The Reds are useless, and the Chicago Cubs, despite winning 97 games this season, will start their quest towards the World Series against the Pirates in Pittsburgh.  That’s alright, though, and we’ll still enjoy the Cubs have an ace up their sleeve. We start Continue reading Sights and Sounds From the Final Day of the 2015 MLB Regular Season