Cubs Twitterverse

By Ed Wheeler

Homer the Fail Whale, By Ed Wheeler

This is a resource for players and folks who are or were at one point associated with the Chicago Cubs, or they’re just really really cool and you should follow them.  If you have suggestions for other good Twitter follows, please comment below.

Please keep in mind that (even for the team Twitters) these are actual people and they are well within their rights to block you instead of engaging in Twitter wars if you misbehave, so if you want to continue to be part of their Twitter family, you’ll be best served to play nice.

Cubs Team and Affiliates

@Cubs  Chicago Cubs

@IowaCubs  Iowa Cubs

@smokiesbaseball  Tennessee Smokies

@daytonacubs  Daytona Cubs

@KCCougars  Kane County Cougars

@BoiseHawks  Boise Hawks

Cubs Players (Past and Present)

@SappySappelt6  Dave Sappelt

@Gdeuceswild  Matt Garza

@IAN_STEWART_2sc  Ian Stewart

@Tcampana_24  Tony Campana

@NorcalKidshawon  Shawon Dunston Jr

@javy23baez  Javier Baez

@albertalmora  Albert Almora

@TheBJacks  Brett Jackson

@VogyVog24  Dan Vogelbach

@TrevorGretzky  Trevor Gretzky

@EJ36  Edwin Jackson

@David_DeJesus3  David DeJesus

@Andy_Lane5  Andy Lane (bullpen catcher)

@dsmaples  Dillon Maples

@whitenack10  Robert Whitenack

@CarrieMuskat  Carrie Muskat
@BruceMiles2112  Bruce Miles
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