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Every now and then people will ask us common questions and instead of answering them all the time, we’ll start building a “Frequently Asked Questions” (or FAQ) page to compile them for your viewing pleasure.  Ready?  Let’s go…


1. What does Anno Catuli mean?

“Anno Catuli” is a Latin term meaning “year of the Cub”.  In technical terms, the year of the Cub is marked from October 14th, 1908, the very last time the Cubs clinched a World Series championship.  It’s been a while.

2. Are your real names really Anno Catuli and Rice Cube?

No.  We use these nicknames as a way to separate our personal Facebook profiles (i.e. friends, family) from our sports-centric profiles.  Also comes in handy to avoid the boss, except when your e-mail address at work is strangely similar to your online persona’s…d’oh.  Bad idea.  Most people who pay attention will know our real names.  Same with our new friends, Ivy and Bleacher Bum.  Just having fun here!

3. Do you work for the Cubs?

No.  If we did, I’m sure we wouldn’t be allowed to blog as honestly and abrasively as we sometimes do.  We just happen to like the Cubs so much that we spend way too much time bitching about them, which might turn into way too much time fawning over them now that we have a competent front office.  Wish we got paid for this, but you know how it is…

4.  What’s up with the prices in your store?

We don’t get to set the base prices or else the items would be a lot cheaper.  As it is, what we do is supply a design to Cafepress and they slap it on an item.  We can mark up the item, but choose to just round it up to an even number by adding a penny or so to the cost.  If you check any other blog that uses Cafepress, our prices are comparable, if not cheaper.  We don’t use this to make money or anything, just to provide folks with another T-shirt with a fun logo.

5.  Do you take suggestions?

Of course.  Please use this contact form to contact Anno and Rice.  You can make any suggestions you want, from new blog page design, new T-shirt logos, etc.  It doesn’t mean we’ll do it, but we are always open to new ideas.

6.  Where can I find out who’s on the Cubs?

Short of using Google for it, you can go to the Cubs site and check out this page, which has the active roster, the current 40-man roster, and a depth chart.  For the minor league affiliates, this page allows you to check out all the rosters in the Cubs’ farm system.

7.  How much are these rich bastards getting paid?

Cots Baseball Contracts is a pretty good resource for checking out the payroll, including all the guys on the 40-man roster for which information is available.  Alternatively, the Obstructed View guys have a payroll page that tracks the contracts by year.

8.  Are the Cubs playing today?

You can find out if there’s a game today here.  And you can also find out where to tune in here.

9.  Why prospects?

Because I said so.  And because every baseball team tries to keep costs down and upside up by stockpiling as many good long-term assets as they can before filling the gaps in free agency.

10. Can I share your website with my friends?

Of course you can.  Everything on World Series Dreaming is a free-for-all and has been properly sourced as far as we know, so while a lot of it is our own original work, some of it is stuff we got from other folks that is freely available on the interwebs.  We’d appreciate it if you would consider giving us a boost on Google searches though by click the +1 button and asking your friends to do the say if they really like us. Thanks!

11. When did this whole thing start?

We have no clue.  Anno’s old blog started on November 2, 2008.  The first Anno Catuli Facebook friend page started soon afterwards, and World Series Dreaming on Facebook started a year later.  Facebook’s timeline suggests that WSD was founded on February 13, 2010.

12. WTF is a TOOTBLAN?

A TOOTBLAN means “thrown out on the bases like a nincompoop” and was coined by former Cubs blogger wrigleyville23.  You know you’re a Cubs legend when you have a made-up statistic just for you.

13. WTF is up with all them captchas?

Because we hate spam and spambots.  If you don’t like it, just register for an account so your comments can be published automatically after the initial approval by us.  It’s a very simple process that will take less than five minutes.

14.  Can I write for your blog?

If you have something to contribute, just use our contact form or find us on Facebook and we’ll see what you have to offer.  Thanks for the interest!

15.  So what is it you say you do here?

Read the blog update to find out about how the blog is organized and what information you can get from just looking at our front page.

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