Keeping an eye on Javier Baez; Contingencies

The Cubs' Javier Baez hits a double during the fifth inning against the Sounds at Principal Park.

Prior to Javier Baez’s 1-4, 0 strikeout performance today, he was batting .265 with an OBP of .357.  That’s nearly a 100 point split between his average and on base percentage in his first 56 plate appearances this season.  That’s Continue reading

The Great Lake Debate


There is nothing I love more than a good baseball debate; that is assuming the other person can actually make a good argument for his side. This season with the Chicago Cubs we have seen a number of them, including: Continue reading

Wada Being Called Up Soon?


While nothing is confirmed at all, according to Tommy Birch (Iowa Cubs beat writer) Tsuyoshi Wada is a healthy scratch for the I-Cubs. There is no words as to why he was scratched, but connecting the dots, he might get Continue reading

Ivy’s Roundup: Don’t Panic

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Yeah, so Ivy is still doing college stuff, which is important, and because we’re always looking at a macro view, even though we’re all rabid Chicago Cubs fans, we still have lives that require much more attention than our maybe-contending Continue reading

A Mothers Day Smorgasbord of Cubs Silliness


At some point in tonight’s Cubs loss, I shut off the radio for the night and decided to call my grandmother in Hong Kong.  Since HK is on the other side of the International Date Line, they were already at Continue reading

Yet Another Sales Pitch

Image:  David Banks/Getty Images

The Chicago Cubs have an obvious problem, one that if not fixed soon will be a major hurdle in their competing for the division title and maybe even one of the two Wild Card spots. That flaw is their starting Continue reading

The One Where Rice Cube Was Accidentally Psychic


So, uh… Set up: Dexter Fowler had just hit a liner in the gap, which should have scored Addison Russell easily, except that the ball got stuck in some padding or some bullshit. BOOOOOOOOOO what a shitty way to take Continue reading

Endurance, Resilience, and the Cubs


I was trying to decide whether or not to include an Oxford comma in the title.  I ultimately relented.  I am not usually a proponent of the Oxford comma, though I understand why people use it.  Maybe I’m just stubborn, Continue reading

Cubs Starters Fueling Bullpen Failures

Photo: David Banks / Getty Images

It is really easy to sit on the couch at home, watch the bullpen enter the game, squander the lead by allowing 2 or 3 runs to score, and blame the relief core for blowing the game.  Sometimes, that’s exactly Continue reading

Ivy’s Roundup: Boys and Men

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If there’s one thing we know about the St. Louis Cardinals, it’s that they are a very capable team across any era of space-time and that they seem to have the monopoly on Black Devil Magic.  Given the increased amount Continue reading