Yet Another Sales Pitch

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The Chicago Cubs have an obvious problem, one that if not fixed soon will be a major hurdle in their competing for the division title and maybe even one of the two Wild Card spots. That flaw is their starting rotation. While the top three pitchers are pitching well, the Continue reading Yet Another Sales Pitch

The One Where Rice Cube Was Accidentally Psychic


So, uh… Set up: Dexter Fowler had just hit a liner in the gap, which should have scored Addison Russell easily, except that the ball got stuck in some padding or some bullshit. BOOOOOOOOOO what a shitty way to take away a run. Ground rule double though, shrug. — Rice Continue reading The One Where Rice Cube Was Accidentally Psychic

Endurance, Resilience, and the Cubs


I was trying to decide whether or not to include an Oxford comma in the title.  I ultimately relented.  I am not usually a proponent of the Oxford comma, though I understand why people use it.  Maybe I’m just stubborn, or maybe it’s an aesthetics thing for me, but I Continue reading Endurance, Resilience, and the Cubs

Cubs Starters Fueling Bullpen Failures

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It is really easy to sit on the couch at home, watch the bullpen enter the game, squander the lead by allowing 2 or 3 runs to score, and blame the relief core for blowing the game.  Sometimes, that’s exactly how it works.  Sometimes, a starter comes out and shuts Continue reading Cubs Starters Fueling Bullpen Failures

Ivy’s Roundup: Boys and Men

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If there’s one thing we know about the St. Louis Cardinals, it’s that they are a very capable team across any era of space-time and that they seem to have the monopoly on Black Devil Magic.  Given the increased amount of Cardinal fan trolling on our page though, it’s only Continue reading Ivy’s Roundup: Boys and Men

Minor League Recap: All They Do is Win


With 3 of the 4 full season teams above .500 and 2 of them in first place, things have gotten off to a good start down on the farm.  South Bend has been powered by great pitching, the Smokies have been powered by, well, power…from the likes of Vogelbach and Continue reading Minor League Recap: All They Do is Win

Life & Baseball


Baseball is, at its core, a kid’s game.  Kids love to run around the bases, chase after the ball on defense, and try their best to hit the ball as hard as they can.  People watch MLB because it’s fun, and because the big kids who play the game show Continue reading Life & Baseball

Bleachers About To Open For Business

Photo by Nick Ulivieri

With the Chicago Cubs out of town working out the kinks against division rivals, the construction crews have been hard at work back home putting the finishing touches on the bleachers and right field video screen.  The bleachers in left field are on track to be open on May 11 as Continue reading Bleachers About To Open For Business

Ivy’s Roundup: Trouble Brewing

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Ivy is feeling under the weather today so I’m doing this series recap for her while she battles the bug.  Honestly I didn’t actually watch most of this weekend’s games and only followed along off-and-on over a couple innings, but I do know what happened (and so, probably, do you, Continue reading Ivy’s Roundup: Trouble Brewing

If the Cubs Season Ended Today (It Doesn’t)…

Addison Russell applies the tag to get the caught-stealing against MIL. (AP Photo/Jeff Haynes)

I jokingly told Anno he was never allowed to go to Wrigley Field again because it always seems like the Chicago Cubs don’t do so hot when he’s there.  Then again, I’m only 1-0 this season and I’ve seen my fair share of losses during the long rebuild that started Continue reading If the Cubs Season Ended Today (It Doesn’t)…