Thanksgiving Intermission


I’m waiting for the turkey to finish cooking (mmm…tasty tasty murder) and for the next football game to start after the Detroit Lions wiped the field with the Green Bay Packers.  Aaron Rodgers went to my alma mater and his Continue reading

Pre-Thanksgiving Samardzija Check


We are getting ready for Turkey Day, and also gearing up for the Winter Meetings.  The word on the street is that Jeff Samardzija will likely be traded before Opening Day, possibly before the Winter Meetings.  We’ve been hearing this Continue reading

Rule 5 Intrigue


As we head into Thanksgiving and await the Winter Meetings, there appears to be a new wrinkle in the land of Rule 5.  We’ve written before about some of the Cubs players that could potentially be lost to Rule 5 Continue reading

Strop the Presses


  In a recent interview with the Chicago Tribune, Cubs pitching coach Chris Bosio hinted that the closer job was currently up for grabs between Pedro Strop and Hector Rondon. Lets take a look at the first half of that Continue reading

Because Wrigleyville needs more drunkenness


As the Cubs, the city of Chicago and the Wrigleyville neighbors work (or not, whatever) towards ironing out their differences so Tom Ricketts can finally throw money at some contractors, we are treated to this article by Danny Ecker: The Continue reading

Good shortstops are in short supply–so let’s re-explore a trade idea


The news of the evening appears to be that Dioner Navarro is getting close to a deal, and the tone suggests that he’s not coming back to the Cubs: Told Dioner Navarro is moving to resolution, Boston not in pursuit Continue reading

Goodbye is Always the Hardest Part

MLB: Spring Training-Colorado Rockies at Chicago Cubs

Everybody loves prospects. These young up and comers breathe hope into a downtrodden fanbase of a bottom of the barrel team. And who could blame them? In the past few years we have seen young stars like Mike Trout, Bryce Continue reading

The Eternal Journeyman


Yesterday was outfielder Casper Wells‘ 29th birthday.  You may know Casper Wells from his awesome Wikipedia page, where we learn that he is either the fourth or fifth member of his family to be named Casper, depending on whether you Continue reading

Life After Jeff Samardzija


Even though Jeff Samardzija, at the present moment in time, is still a member of the Chicago Cubs, you had to know this was coming. With the Cubs wanting to extend Samardzija, and him allegedly wanting to be paid like Continue reading

Farewell, My Friend


As many of you know by now, our friend and fellow blogger, Mauricio Rubio Jr., is moving on to bigger things with Cubs Den.  This was always inevitable; I joke about it a bit, but it’s kind of like the Continue reading