The One Where I Actually Have a Question

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I love the Chicago fan base, they are among the most passionate and loyal fans you will find. After all, when you consider the Chicago Bears have gone 28 years without a championship, the Cubs have gone over 100 years without one, the White Sox (before 2005) had gone over Continue reading The One Where I Actually Have a Question

Where there’s a will, there’s a Cubs Way

Most triumphant!
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I am not a professional writer.  I think I’m more of an amateur rambler.  So this is going to be a ramble of sorts.  I think I’m much better at writing science-y stuff where I have an experiment (or a group of experiments) set up and can then mold them Continue reading Where there’s a will, there’s a Cubs Way

Fan Etiquette

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I’ve attended many baseball games over the years and recently I was at a Cubs game when I overheard a conversation that would make any avid Cubs fan cringe. I started to notice that there were SO many first timers surrounding me, and trust me, you can tell who is Continue reading Fan Etiquette

Being a Cubs Parent

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Today, while the Cubs were about to lose their final game in Atlanta and get swept before their home opener, I was driving the family over to my son’s friend’s birthday party and listening to the last of the Cubs’ ninth on the radio. The Cubs recorded the final out Continue reading Being a Cubs Parent

Here’s all the stuff that you missed because you didn’t click a very informative link

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For the most part y’all don’t read the blog via Facebook. I get that on a level, we all have busy lives and I’d hate for you to lose your job on account of us. This has led to some hilarity when we post to the Faced Bookz however, as Continue reading Here’s all the stuff that you missed because you didn’t click a very informative link

A Tale of Two Legends

Y U dive when U no have chance?
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The devastating news du jour as pitchers and catchers reported today was that Cubs legend (TM) Tony Campana was designated for assignment and thus likely exposed to waivers assuming that the Cubs can’t trade him.  There is actually a good chance that some random team (my guess is the Atlanta Continue reading A Tale of Two Legends

There’s a first time for everything

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Right around the time winter finally hit Chicago I was teased with a small summer preview. My spirit aches to smile into the yellow summer sun on a hot day, cool beverage in hand and hopefully plenty of hot women nearby. Instead, a cool Friday turned into a cold Saturday Continue reading There’s a first time for everything

A Cubs story in pictures: The PokeCubs

Hi, my name is Jed. I was young once. That was back then. Before all the misfortune and before the world had beat me into submission. I'm old and broken now. Baseball GM's end up like that. Being a GM means you get hired to get fired, and when it was all done, when my time as a baseball person had ended, I can honestly say it was worth it, even though the price was high. Let's go back and look at my story.
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*taps the mic* Hello, this thing on? Yes? Ok cool. Hi. I’m known as The New Guy around these parts. I do weird stuff for the most part, and when I have time I go into the analytic side of baseball. It’s fun. But today, I’m going to get weird. We’re Continue reading A Cubs story in pictures: The PokeCubs

Giving Thanks

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We gripe and gripe about everything all year, including the Cubs and how incredibly crappy they are, but this time is for the giving of thanks and being thankful for what we have.  There’s the usual suspects, i.e. health, family, friends, a roof over our heads.  There’s other things too, Continue reading Giving Thanks

The Anti-Meatball Guide to the Cubs Offseason

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OK, first things first… No matter what you hear, no matter what you read (sorry Rice), no matter what comes across twitter: the Cubs are not in the Zack Greinke sweepstakes. After last winter’s free agent free for all that included all sorts of hype mongering and pandering tweets and Continue reading The Anti-Meatball Guide to the Cubs Offseason