The Chicago Cubs Will Make History

(AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)
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We have a few days to really enjoy the glorious reward of seeing our favorite baseball squadron finally obliterate narratives and have a shot at complete redemption.  The 71 years in between pennants certainly invokes the use of the word “history” in describing this momentous achievement, and while the young Continue reading The Chicago Cubs Will Make History



Via Jon Morosi
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Thanks to Joe for starting this up for us, although we unfortunately couldn’t get it posted in time for it to be relevant.  So I’m just modifying this a bit to catch you up on one of the most exciting times for Chicago Cubs fans in LITERALLY ALL OUR LIFETIMES. Continue reading NLCS Recap: HOLY SHIT CUBS

NLCS Game 5: Wagons East

Addison Muscle! Via @Cubs
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The title, if you don’t know, refers to a really godawful movie that was John Candy’s swan song… I was a big John Candy fan, and he was iconic as Barf from Spaceballs and the security guard in the first Vacation movie.  But this movie was pretty bad, and I Continue reading NLCS Game 5: Wagons East

NLCS Game 4: The Rumors of Cubs Demise Were Greatly Exaggerated

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After Tuesday night’s offensive fail, it was understandable that Cubs fans would be jumping off the ledges and portending doom for this overrated team. What fans, media, and everyone else kind of forgot was that this same team was the one that racked up 103 victories over the regular season, Continue reading NLCS Game 4: The Rumors of Cubs Demise Were Greatly Exaggerated

NLCS Game 3: Mad

Maddon: "Coke!"
Ump: "Pepsi!"

(AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)
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Tuesday night was supposed to be different.  The Cubs were supposed to tee off on former Cubs pitcher Rich Hill, who magically figured out how to pitch well late in his career.  It didn’t happen. Jake Arrieta was supposed to throw a no-hitter.  Didn’t happen either. The offense was supposed Continue reading NLCS Game 3: Mad

NLCS: Can We PLEASE Just Enjoy the Series?

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After what can only be described as two simply great games to start the National League Championship Series, the headlines are not really what you would expect. You would think Miguel Montero’s go ahead grand slam in the eighth inning of game one, or the pitching dominating game two, the Continue reading NLCS: Can We PLEASE Just Enjoy the Series?

NLCS Game 2: All Tied Up

Game 2 Jumbotron, woo!
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With Anno at the game (season ticket holder, lucky), I guess it was up to me to hold down the fort, so here I am, posting all the stuff that he sent me from Wrigleyville and Wrigley Field itself as the Chicago Cubs went up against Clayton Kershaw.  What’s better Continue reading NLCS Game 2: All Tied Up

Growing With The Cubs

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As the Chicago Cubs have made both incremental and significant strides towards glory, it’s difficult to ignore that we as a small corner of Cubs blogdom have grown as well.  As a site (which you’re reading now), on Facebook, and Twitter too, we’ve seen the numbers ramp up as casual and die-hard fans alike have Continue reading Growing With The Cubs

The Cubs NLCS Roster

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As the clock winds ever closer to first pitch, have you picked your favorite Chicago Cubs yet?  Well, we have a suggestion, as does MLB… .@javy23baez, your new favorite player? — MLB (@MLB) October 14, 2016 Of course, you’re not restricted to just rooting for Javier Baez, though you Continue reading The Cubs NLCS Roster

The Best of the 2016 Cubs NLDS

Well done! (Via @Cubs)
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As you may have heard, the Chicago Cubs, those sleep-depriving band of lunatic youngsters (and Grandpa, too), have earned a trip to the National League Championship Series against whoever decides to win Game 5 of the other NLDS.  As Jake Arrieta might say…who gives a shit?  The Cubs are good, Continue reading The Best of the 2016 Cubs NLDS