Early Draft Notes


Earlier this month, around when James Shields signed and all the draft positions (minus the potential mid-year, pre-draft trades of competitive balance picks) were set, Baseball America and MLB.com did a rough estimate of the assigned draft slot values in Continue reading

Taking Spring Training Requests


It’s been a while since I’ve had some time to square away for a post.  I write for a living and the January/February months are particularly onerous every year.  Ready to jump back and talk Cubs baseball as spring training Continue reading

Teaching Respect

AP Photo/Matt York

With spring training ramping up, we’re treated to a daily round of Maddonisms from our new Chicago Cubs manager, Joe Maddon: Schlitter and other #Cubs can keep their long hair. Says @CubsJoeMadd: “We have some great hair on this team Continue reading

Night-Time Reading For Cubs Fans

Photo; Chicago Sun-Times

Today was cold as balls and thus Chicago area schools were closed and I got a day to recover (just a tad) from this stupid cold/flu/death-virus I seem to have contracted. Tomorrow will also be cold as balls, but we’re Continue reading

The Inaugural 2015 Cubs Season Maddonisms

maddon intro

We got a taste of Joe Maddon‘s quotables when he sat for his introductory press conference back in November, and fans got to check it out first hand at the latest Cubs Convention last month.  Now that pitchers and catchers Continue reading

Kris Bryant Day Will Come


It’s “spring” (even though it’s so cold outside we could start using the Kelvin scale without scoffing) and that means we’ve got our latest rounds of Kris Bryant pontification:   What are Bryant’s chances of making #Cubs on Opening Day? Continue reading

As the luck changes…


Today marks the lunar new year, the first day of the Year of the Goat (or sheep, or ram, depending on your thesaurus use) in the Chinese Zodiac.  With every new year (even if it’s in the middle of February Continue reading

The Year of the Goat


I’m sure by now you all realize that we are celebrating the Chinese New Year today, which runs on a lunar calendar and not a Gregorian calendar.  You probably also know that in the Chinese Zodiac, instead of going monthly, the Continue reading

The (Cubs) Empire Strikes Back


I feel like total crap today because I most likely contracted the cold that my son got the other day and I feel like elephants are doing a can-can on my head.  So today wasn’t as smooth as it could Continue reading

Lettered Jerseys


In case you were out and about, let’s bring you up to speed on the behemoth of a sports franchise that is the New York Yankees.  I get Jorge Posada because he was a damned good catcher for a very Continue reading