Try Not To Suck as Spring Trade Winds Blow


As is usually the case with the Chicago Cubs these days, intrepid manager Joe Maddon has a new slogan to rally the troops: Mr. Maddon modeling the shirt: — Tony Andracki (@TonyAndracki23) March 6, 2016 It’s a simple enough message (you can buy the T-shirt here), and if you’ve Continue reading Try Not To Suck as Spring Trade Winds Blow

The Cubs Payroll Numbers, I Think

Arrieta was nearly unhittable against the defending World Series champions. (Jared Wickerham, Getty Images)

It’s been a while since we’ve had any major news, but late Friday night, we heard from various sources that the Chicago Cubs and Jake Arrieta had settled on a contract prior to their arbitration hearing.  This is a good thing, and although many Cubs fans had hoped for an Continue reading The Cubs Payroll Numbers, I Think

The Best Cubs Convention, So Far


I personally haven’t been to the Cubs Convention since 2012, when it was still being held at the Hilton and the Chicago Cubs were still very bad at baseball.  We pretty much learned this weekend, straight from Theo Epstein’s mouth, that that was by design, just as he intimated all Continue reading The Best Cubs Convention, So Far

Jon Lester just won the Internet

Photo: Jared Wickeram, Getty Images North America

Everyone knows the story behind the parody Jed Hoyer Twitter account, which only has the one tweet: spanking it — Jed Hoyer (@JedHoyer_) April 14, 2009 That tweet, as you can see from the time stamp, is from the 2009 season, the last season the Boston Red Sox made the Continue reading Jon Lester just won the Internet

Santa Delivers For the Cubs


I'd say the Cubs completed their Christmas list this year — Shadows Of Wrigley (@ShadowofWrigley) December 24, 2015 After the Cubs were able to successfully execute Plan A, and avoided too much butthurt, it’s safe to agree with our friend there.  Santa Claus has seemingly put the Chicago Cubs on Continue reading Santa Delivers For the Cubs

Contingency Plans


Festivus only comes once a year and already we’ve seen the internet deluged with the airing of grievances.  In our neck of the woods, fans of the Chicago Cubs are generally content, but if you dive into the comments, we all realize that the team could be even further improved, Continue reading Contingency Plans

Building the Cubs for now and forever

Photo: Getty Images

Ever since the early stages of the “Plan,” we’ve known about the Theo Epstein/Jed Hoyer-led Cubs’ desire to make this franchise as healthy as possible.  That entails solid financial footing on the business side as well as depth at just about every level on the baseball side.  The Cubs so Continue reading Building the Cubs for now and forever

I love it when a Cubs plan comes together


Chicago Cubs owner Tom Ricketts was on the radio earlier, and had some very interesting and encouraging things to say about the goings-on with the team right now.  Among the more interesting items, and part of why we’re all fantasizing about 2016 right now, was this: “Right after the season, Continue reading I love it when a Cubs plan comes together

Back to work for the Cubs…

Photo: Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

So here we are, the day before we return to work after a few days of gorging ourselves with a large flightless bird and assorted side dishes and desserts.  The Chicago Cubs have been relatively boring thus far, but we’re still a week-plus away from the Winter Meetings, so it Continue reading Back to work for the Cubs…

Quickie Cubs 40-Man Preview


Now that awards season is coming to a close (with the MVP awards still to be announced), we turn our attention to the Chicago Cubs’ 40-man roster, which stands at 31 now after free agent departures and recent claims and minor signings.  That leaves 9 spots to protect a good Continue reading Quickie Cubs 40-Man Preview