The Cubs Payroll Numbers, I Think

Arrieta was nearly unhittable against the defending World Series champions. (Jared Wickerham, Getty Images)

It’s been a while since we’ve had any major news, but late Friday night, we heard from various sources that the Chicago Cubs and Jake Arrieta had settled on a contract prior to their arbitration hearing.  This is a good thing, and although many Cubs fans had hoped for an Continue reading The Cubs Payroll Numbers, I Think

Cubs Thoughts As We Near Spring Training


We are about three weeks from the pitchers and catchers reporting for our Chicago Cubs, and I’ve spent way too much time watching the guy on the shoveler digging stuff out of Wrigley Field today.  The ballpark still looks very skeletal and I wonder how they’re going to patch things Continue reading Cubs Thoughts As We Near Spring Training

The Best Cubs Convention, So Far


I personally haven’t been to the Cubs Convention since 2012, when it was still being held at the Hilton and the Chicago Cubs were still very bad at baseball.  We pretty much learned this weekend, straight from Theo Epstein’s mouth, that that was by design, just as he intimated all Continue reading The Best Cubs Convention, So Far

Stuff to ask Tom Ricketts at the Cubs Convention


It’s almost time for one of the most fun Chicago Cubs fan experiences since the team won the 1908 World Series!  That’s right, the Cubs Convention starts on Friday night, and team WSD will be in attendance (some of us hoping that certain radio personalities won’t be) to party, drink, Continue reading Stuff to ask Tom Ricketts at the Cubs Convention

Does it matter how the Cubs got here?

Titanic had a band

Cubs fans seem pretty okay with their team tanking to get where they are because it’s indistinguishable from how they were run for 100 years I saw this sentence over a week ago and it really stuck with me. It was one of many interesting things that popped up in Continue reading Does it matter how the Cubs got here?

Santa Delivers For the Cubs


I'd say the Cubs completed their Christmas list this year — Shadows Of Wrigley (@ShadowofWrigley) December 24, 2015 After the Cubs were able to successfully execute Plan A, and avoided too much butthurt, it’s safe to agree with our friend there.  Santa Claus has seemingly put the Chicago Cubs on Continue reading Santa Delivers For the Cubs

Contingency Plans


Festivus only comes once a year and already we’ve seen the internet deluged with the airing of grievances.  In our neck of the woods, fans of the Chicago Cubs are generally content, but if you dive into the comments, we all realize that the team could be even further improved, Continue reading Contingency Plans

How good do you feel about the Cubs? (Polls)

Jason Hammel's 2nd half raised serious questions about the middle of the rotation going forward

Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images)

I’m going to try to snap some pictures of the CTA holiday train, which for some reason is running along the Purple Line today, on my periodic offseason trip to Wrigley Field.  If you check out the webcam, you’ll see that the Hefty bag is off and you can see Continue reading How good do you feel about the Cubs? (Polls)

Cubbies in the Outfield


I am one of the few humans on planet Earth who hasn’t seen the new Star Wars movie yet, partly by design and partly because we couldn’t get tickets for Saturday (so we’re going Sunday).  Avoiding spoilers like the plague has been relatively easy because for the most part, people Continue reading Cubbies in the Outfield

Building the Cubs for now and forever

Photo: Getty Images

Ever since the early stages of the “Plan,” we’ve known about the Theo Epstein/Jed Hoyer-led Cubs’ desire to make this franchise as healthy as possible.  That entails solid financial footing on the business side as well as depth at just about every level on the baseball side.  The Cubs so Continue reading Building the Cubs for now and forever