Cubs Add Aging Catcher with History of Back Problems

Photo: Patrick Breen/The Arizona Republic

The Cubs, today, agreed to take on a 31 year old catcher, coming off the two worst years of his career for the next three years, at an average value of over $13M per year…and in true form, Cubs fans Continue reading

Joe Maddon Will Not Cure What Ails the Cubs

maddon intro

Removing ourselves from the pep rally press conference introducing Joe Maddon as the new manager of the Cubs by a day, one thing remains true about this team…they’re not ready to compete as constructed. That shouldn’t be an insane statement.  After Continue reading

Is the Cubs hiring of Maddon Unethical? No


Okay, I need to get something off my chest. I am a little upset with the reaction of Bob Nightengale who called the Chicago Cubs unethical for firing Rick Renteria to hire Joe Maddon after only one season. If he Continue reading

If the Cubs Hire Maddon, All Bets Are Off

All Bets are off

With the World Series set to end tonight, unless Mother Nature decides to wreak havoc and delay tonight’s game, all eyes will turn to the Chicago Cubs and the developing situation with former Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon who Continue reading

It’s real…and it’s spectacular


As you know, our World Series Dreaming store now has a section devoted to the Theo Love Mug.  Hell, you can even get a Theo Ep-Stein now!  Apparently this design is kosher and we’ve already sold a couple that went Continue reading

The Theo Love Mug


Okay guys, it’s story time. So at some point, the inimitable And Counting wrote a blog on Obstructed View.  Within that blog’s comments section, a commenter posted a picture of Theo that looked like this and asked that it be Continue reading

The Cubbie Cult

Cubby Cult

Over the past few weeks, we have learned a lot about ourselves here at World Series Dreaming on Facebook. From a small group of our loyal fans (even if they disagree with us, they keep coming back) we have learned Continue reading

False Narratives About Cubs, Rebuild Too Much to Handle

Image: Al Podgorski~Chicago Sun-Times

Forgetting that the collective bargaining agreement instituted in 2011 changed the way teams are able to build a winning team and how quickly they are able to do it, the number of false narratives surrounding the Cubs and the way Continue reading

Down On The Farm

From Dylan Heuer

It’s been a while since I have had any idea of what I would like to talk/rant about. I have been leaving it up to the rest of World Series Dreaming to handle it all with their great insights and knowledge. Continue reading

Were We All Duped by Team Theo?


I have seen several fans talking about the Chicago Cubs lately wondering if Theo Epstein, Jed Hoyer and Tom Ricketts pulled the wool over our eyes. Many fans have been complaining that they bought into “The Plan” and now have Continue reading